Key Strategies for Losing Weight After Pregnancy 

Losing Weight Have you recently gave birth to a cute little baby and have been experiencing baby blues? Or are you amongst those new moms who are enjoying their time with the baby but still worried about the weight they have been gaining for the previous nine months of pregnancy? If yes, stop worrying and just be motivated to shed those extra pounds while bringing your body back in shape. Discussed below are some of the proven and successful methods for losing weight after giving birth and it is recommended that these methods must be used in combination to achieve quicker and effective results:


Breastfeeding is an effective and natural method of reducing weight after pregnancy. Breastfeeding is not only beneficial for the new mom in terms of her weight loss but also for the baby as it provides the right and age appropriate nutritions for the baby. It also strengthens the bond between mother and the baby and hence reduces the chances of postpartum depression. Breastfeeding also facilitates the uterus in reverting back to its pre pregnancy size and makes the baby less prone to infections. Breast feeding could considerably decrease the chances of long term obesity.


New moms should follow any healthy diet after their pregnancy for losing weight. In case of breastfeeding moms, it should be kept in mind that a balanced diet is followed so as the right nutrients are passed on to the baby while the mother also gets the required calories. Experts belief that diets like Weight Watchers, a vegetarian diet, or a Mediterranean diet can be followed.

Waist Training

As mentioned earlier, abdominal muscles have been stretched out since pregnancy and they must be given priority attention once exercises for coming back to the pre pregnancy shape are started. In this regards, waist training could be of great help for new moms. Waist training involves wearing a best waist trainer during workouts or else as well with an aim to reduce the waist size gradually. Waist training could facilitate new moms in losing the fats around the abdominal area which had been gathered during pregnancy.

Physical Activity

Though physical activity is must for post pregnancy weight loss however; some new moms start off with intense fitness regimens for quickly coming back to their pre pregnancy shape. This isn’t a suitable option generally as it might not result in a safe and sustainable weight loss. Prior to starting exercise and workout, you must ask your doctor and get the doctor’s consent for the particular workout program you have planned. Once the doctor has given a go ahead signal, you must begin slowly to avoid the chances of injury and for ensuring sustainable weight loss. Begin with your abdominal muscles first as they are most probably stretched out since pregnancy. For gaining strength for cardio and other sessions, pilates-style exercises can be of great help.